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The CESA® - Central European Strongman Association was formed in the autumn of 2020 at the initiative of the great athletes in this sport.

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Premium League Cup Series

In 2018, it was the first series to feature the flagship of the country’s strongman riders over seven rounds, usually monthly, in a cup system.

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CESA® League of Nations

Invitation strong man competition. A multi-day strongman competition from six countries on the Hungarian site. On the first day, the competitors will compete in two races.

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CESA® Truck Pull League

A series of competitions designed for four rounds in the open, women's, lightweight and masters categories. A list of locations will be published soon.

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Strongwoman women's cup series

We want to please the ladies with a cup series already in 2021, in three races, with five races per race. The ladies will also have a truck towing cup series.

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CESA® - Central European Strongmen Association

The CESA® - Central European Strongmen Association was formed in the fall of 2020 to initiate the excellent competition of the sporting present. Since then, more than 100 domestic competitors have joined its competition notices. Staff numbers and interest are constantly rising. The organization operates within the framework of associations. The leader of the Association is János Sebestyén, president, Zsolt Molnár and Stephane Mounier. The aim of the organization is to promote strong sports - especially strongman sports - and to provide competition and sports opportunities for those interested in Hungary during the pandemic, and at the Central European level after the epidemiological situation has been resolved. The number one goal of the Association is to further organize and nurture the premium league series of the country's leading strong man in its own organization. It offers racing opportunities for fans of the Highland Games, Crossover, and in 2021 it will also host a national cup for the ladies. In the summer of ’21, in a four-station series, masters-age riders will also have the opportunity to race.

The power artist himself and the "strong man" - as a concept - go back a long time, because people have always looked with amazement at the above-average physique and when these people moved huge weights. However, the “World’s Strongest Man” competition itself was first held in 1977, and its first champion was Bruce Wilhem. Since then, well-known athletes have been boosting the reputation of strongman races such as Magnus ver Magnusson, Jon Pall Sigmarsson, Mariusz Pudzianowski, or just today Halfþór Júlíus Björnsson (who shaped the mountain in the Battle for Thrones) - apparently their names are at least as authoritative as ere. Strong man sport was once known to the masses in Hungary around the change of regime. Probably many before him had no idea that such a sport existed until it was first mentioned in the media at home in the 1990s. The most prominent person in the promotion of the sport in Hungary is László Fekete, who previously competed himself. The other name with a long history is Ádám Darázs, whose name merged with the HSMA organization.

The Hungarian Strong Man and Strong Sports League is noted by András Gadó, a young initiative, founded in 2019. October 2020: The CESA® Central-European Strongman Association is formed.

ASSOCIATION MATTERS: +36 (30) 332-37-09 | COMPETITION ORGANIZATION: +36 (30) 910-60-25 | E-MAIL: info@cesa-r.hu

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